Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Replacing the M6

Streetsblog linked to an article in the Post this morning:

The MTA will soon eliminate the M6 as part of an overhaul of eight bus lines to make way for Mayor Bloomberg's planned pedestrian plazas at Times Square and Herald Square, according to agency documents. [...]

Cutting the M6, which has 5,200 average weekday riders, will result in a half-mile stretch between Worth and Houston streets without a bus line, the documents show, with the closest alternate being the M20 two blocks west.

I can't find those "agency documents" anywhere to verify this, but it sucks and it's not really necessary. However, even if the MTA feels that running the M6 (along with the M5 and the M7) all the way up to Central Park South isn't practical given the changes on Broadway in Midtown, they should do something to provide service along Broadway and Sixth Avenue in Soho and Tribeca. I suggest running the B77 to 14th Street.

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