Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thames River update: your stories wanted!

Remember the Thames River? No, not the one in London, the one in New London. The one where Amtrak will be replacing a bridge and thus suspending all service between New Haven and Boston for four days. Not quite all service: there will be at least one train a day over the Inland Route via Springfield, and Shore Line East will be extending their trains to New London (but apparently have no plans to run them on the weekend). Katie Warchut of the New London Day reports that the outage is scheduled for June 14-17.

If you have to change your plans because of this outage, the Day would like to hear from you. Ms. Warchut has emailed to tell me that they're interested in speaking with any riders who will be affected by the train outage. How do riders feel about it and what will they do as an alternative? You can email or pass the address along to anyone you know who is an Amtrak rider.

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