Monday, May 19, 2008

Improving the Elevators and Escalators

The New York Times had an interesting report today about the MTA's disgraceful record on elevator maintenance, and what some people, including President Roberts and Joseph Joyce, the General Superintendent of elevators and escalators, are doing to improve it. It ends with this quote from Joyce:

I’m trying to get these guys to think that, you know what, that could be your mom that’s walking with a cane and needs that escalator. Nothing in this world is guaranteed. It could be one of us in a wheelchair next month. And if you want to enjoy the city, you want to be able to utilize our public transportation system. You need that elevator to work.

If I were Joyce - and I had the support of higher-ups - I'd make it part of the job requirements for the elevator engineers to spend one day a month traveling around the city in a wheelchair. The bus lift people as well. I'd do it myself.

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