Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tappan Zee: State DOT Still Behaving Badly

A faithful reader writes in with this suggestion about the Tappan Zee renovation/reconstruction project:

Dear Cap’n,

As you may be aware, the choice for a transit mode for the new Tappan Zee Bridge was to be made this month. I attended a public meeting for this at the beginning of the month and the representative in attendance from NYSDOT made this clear to those of us who were there to expect to hear something in May. The month is nearly over and no one has heard a thing from the project team regarding the chosen alternative. Perhaps this is worth a blog post?

P.S. I work as a planner so I understood everything that was presented at the TZ hearing, but NYSDOT did a horrible job of breaking this stuff down into a digestible format for the public. It was a jargon and PowerPoint-filled mess – all too typical for these meetings.



If you want to see this project transformed from a boondoggle to something that will improve people's lives in a meaningful way, you might want to let Governor Paterson know.

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