Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The 2010 farebox numbers

It's December, and that means it's time for the release of this year's National Transit Database! See past analyses for 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The Chattanooga inclines lead the pack again, with 194.3. Pittsburgh's inclines are way down, at only 80.1%. Port Imperial (140.1) and BillyBey (105.1) also did very well. The University of Georgia is listed, but they don't charge fares, so the revenue must come from the college and doesn't really count as "farebox" revenue.

New York City Transit is at 71.7% this year, and BART is just under at 71.6%. Now for the buses:

NameFare Revenues per Total Operating Expense (Recovery Ratio)Lincoln Tunnel XBL
Trans-Bridge Lines, Inc. 132.3Yes
Orange-Newark-Elizabeth, Inc. (Coach USA)114.9
Trans-Hudson Express111Yes
Olympia Trails Bus Company, Inc. (Coach USA)105.4Yes
New Jersey Transit Corporation-45(NJTC-45)105.3Yes
Community Transit, Inc. (Community Transit)101.1Yes
Martz Group, National Coach Works of Virginia (NCW)91.5Yes
Suburban Transit Corporation (Coach USA)89.1Yes
Academy Lines, Inc.85.9Yes
Monroe Bus Corporation83.3Yes
Rockland Coaches, Inc.79.9Yes
Hudson Transit Lines, Inc. (Short Line)79.3Yes
Lakeland Bus Lines, Inc.78.5Yes
DeCamp Bus Lines77.5Yes
Monsey New Square Trails Corporation77Yes
Adirondack Transit Lines, Inc. (Adirondack Trailways)76.7Yes

Bonanza is gone from the list, probably because it's been folded into Peter Pan, which does not report its figures to the NTD. Nothing really new this year, just the same sixteen companies, half of them owned by Stagecoach, most of them using the Lincoln Tunnel XBL.

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