Monday, September 24, 2012

Greenwashing with recreation

I got pretty annoyed this weekend listening to Lieutenant Governor Duffy blathering on to Alan Chartock about how Governor Cuomo loves the environment so much, he would never approve hydrofracking if he thought it would harm the environment at all! How do we know Cuomo loves the environment so much? Because he just loves spending time outdoors in the woods!

I was composing a thousand word blog post in my mind about greenwashing through recreation, when Stephen Miller announced a caption contest with a photo of Cuomo canoeing on some pristine Adirondack body of water. So here is a picture that tells the whole story:

I would credit the photographer, but the Governor's Flickr stream doesn't say who it is. Very nice shot, though.

Please feel free to retweet my contest entry tweet. Also, please share this picture on Facebook! As a pseudonymous fictional entity, your Cap'n is not allowed on Facebook, so please be my minions!

You can find out why the Tappan Zee Bridge is a cancer in our midst at, or by browsing my Tappan Zee-related posts.


Steve O. said...

Businesses can have FB page. Maybe Cap'n Transit is a business.

Unknown said...

Anyone who knows how to paddle a canoe can see from the way Cuomo is holding the paddle that this is just a publicity shot and that he's not really paddling the canoe. His grip on the bottom and the angle of the blade in the water are all wrong. He wouldn't get anywhere like that. And sitting up high like that almost guarantees he would capsize. Hope he does.

neroden@gmail said...

Cuomo is evil. It's very unfortunate. That said, hydrofracking has made so many people very angry that he may be politically savvy enough to avoid being "The Governor Who Set Your Water On Fire".